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Corona Tropical


Vodka & sparkling water with real fruit juice*.

Nothing beats a sunset at the beach, but this comes pretty close. Enjoy the Corona way - served with a slice of lime.

*fruit juice from concentrate

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Vodka & sparking water with real fruit juice*
Lime & Guava: Nothing says Corona quite like lime. Our Lime & Guava balances the classic refreshment of lime with the sweet aroma of tropical fruit. It's the perfect introduction to the crisp, natural taste of Corona Tropical - an alcoholic sparkling water made with real fruit juice. Raspberry & Lemon: Real Raspberry Juice meets a touch of light, citrusy refreshment. Raspberry & Lemon is a fresh and flavourful combination that's sparkling and easy-drinking. Grapefruit & Lemongrass: Grapefruit & Lemongrass brings a zesty citrus twist to the delightful flavour of real pink grapefruit juice. It's flavourful but not too sweet - just crisp, relaxing, and refreshing with every sip.

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