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Stella Artois Alcohol Free bottle

Stella Artois Alcohol Free

A Stella Artois but without the alcohol? It's no longer just a dream. Our brewmasters have taken 600 years of Belgian brewing heritage and combined it with our best, all-natural ingredients, to create an alcohol free lager that's bursting with flavour. With a pronounced hoppy bitterness, a crisp, clean and refreshing finish, and just 60 calories – without even a drop of alcohol – Stella Artois can now be savoured by everyone.

Stella Artois Alcohol Free
Belgium, Leuven
Lager, Pilsner, 0% alcohol
Malty notes and smooth refreshing finish. Perfectly complimented by a pleasant round, fruity hop aroma, with hints of ripe pineapple in background.
Stella Artois Chalice
Continental-style charcuterie, breads, olives and cheeses.

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