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Camden Pale Ale

All the punch, just less shouty

Camden Town Brewery have been brewing fresh beer since 2010 and you can find them under the railway arches in Camden. It all started out when Jasper Cuppaidge began brewing beer in the basement of his pub, for him to serve on the bar upstairs.β€―He then moved under 6 railway arches in Camden, London where we brewed the very first beer that same year - Camden Hells Lager. Alongside Hells we also brew fan favourites Camden Pale Ale and Camden IPA as well as innovation brews under our arches known as the Arch55 Series. 

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We love lager and are most known for Hells. But we love brewing all kinds of fresh beer too, like our Pale Ale & IPA.
Pale: Hoppy, fruity, dry.
Short and stout, the Jack Glass is easy to hold, and loved by beer fans.
Fresh beer deserves fresh food. Here are some pairings we think work a treat together. Pale Ale: all American classics like BBQ, burgers and roast chicken.

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